2018 Annual Gift Guide

It’s December, and it’s time for another Annual Gift Guide.

I'm such a child.

I’m such a child.

This year, Mark Starling and the crew at First News 570 asked me to share it on the air for iHeartRadio listeners. It’s 2018, and we featured not one, but two, women’s power tools for the list. You can always listen LIVE each Thursday at 6:43am. These are small sample of this year’s gift ideas. For more ideas, check out my Pinterest list.

RYLO 360 Degree Camera
Leading things off is the RYLO pocket camera is a tiny, but powerful 360 degree camera made by America’s company RYLO. You can shoot, edit, and share using your smartphone paired with the camera and capture your world around you. At $500 it’s a steal of a device for its capability.

Philips Hue Starter
One of the coolest things you could do in your home is to add a little automation to the joint. Phillips Hue comes with a hub and a few smart bulbs that allow you to control light levels with your smart phone. If you get some color bulbs and pair this setup with an Amazon Echo big one, you’ve just opened yourself up to mood scenes (my Sexy Time scene is a favorite) and voice activated lighting. George Jetson would be proud.

Tesla Model 3
Lexus and Mercedes Benz dominate the Christmas commercial wars every year. If you’re really going to by that special someone a car, don’t give them a bill for the rest of their life buying expensive gasoline. Give them an echo friendly vehicle that’s electric. Affordable at $35k, the Model 3 has a range of 310 miles and looks good doing it.

Kano Computer Kit Complete
The Kano makes this year’s gift guide. I picked up one of these last year for my oldest to build her own PC. If you’re considering this device, spring for the complete kit for $299. It’ll include the monitor and you won’t have issues getting output from the machine to your HDMI monitor. If your young one is a tinkerer and into tech, it makes a great gift.

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