5 Tips to Help You Get More YouTube Viewers

Last night’s broadcast of Briefcase Radio was all about increasing your YouTube viewership. I work with a lot of business owners wanting to use YT as a marketing channel. We had the expert himself, MrStatusTech, on the show and he shared with us a multitude of tips, advice, and lessons he learned during his YouTube experience.

This week on theSync, 5 key tips to make your YouTube channel standout and increase your viewership.

1. Understand Yourself

Shakespeare said, “Know thyself, and to thine self be true.” YouTube is visual, and you will need to convey passion, confidence, and credibility across to the viewer. Know yourself and know your business well. You’ll need to project an image people will be attracted to and want to come back for me. Don’t stray to far away from your comfort zone when you start out. Know yourself and you will do well.

2. Use a Script

Most of us don’t talk from the hip very well. Even this show is scripted. When you’re starting out know what you’re going to say before you say. Scripted lines will definitely increase your confidence level and reenforces the ideas in Tip 1.

3. Research Your Audience

You shouldn’t throw videos up on YouTube and count on viewers. MrStatusTech has said that the most important tool YouTube has to offer is the search bar. Use YT’s search bar to understand which topics get more views and more subscribers. Then tailor your content to match those searches. Viewers will eventually find your content.

4. Shoot High Quality Video

Well, duh. No one wants to watch hazy video. You don’t need to spend a million dollars on video tech, but get a decent camera that shoots 1080p video and use microphones to clearly record your audio. If you bought a smartphone in the last two years, it has a camera good enough to shoot YouTube video.

5. Be Short

The key demographic doesn’t read and has a short attention span. Keep your promo videos to 60 seconds or less and post follow on videos for those who want more info. Long videos will turn off your Internet viewing audience.

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