theSync: The 5 Best Mobile Audio Products to Buy for Christmas

Yup, Christmas is 15 days away!

Last week, it was all about PCs, this week we’re talking audio on theSync.

1. Get a Good Set of Cans


This year introduce your loved one to the audiophile level with Grado’s entry level SR60i. The 60i’s are designed for mobile devices and deliver a solid sound with proper imaging. You can get them for less than 100 bucks at I’ve owned a pair for 60i’s. They were my introductory cans for higher end listening. If you can spare the dough for a good audio gift, this is a great place to start.

2. Crank Up the Power


After getting a decent set of cans. You need a headphone amp to deliver crisp and clean electric vibes to your headphones. Pick up Astell and Kern’s AK10 headphone amp. It’s compact and light in an attractive package.

3. Deliver a House Full of Music


Wake up your loved one this Christmas morning by filling your house with Boyz II Men’s classic “Let It Snow” played through Altec Lansings iMT180 Boombox. The 180 packs heavy bass with 80’s BedStuy styling with 21st century sensabilities.

4. Wheels of Steel

If your loved one is a DJ, look no further than Numark’s wheels of steel iDJ3. It docks your iPhone or iPod touch and allows you to scratch, beat match, and cue. You could be Khalil Williams using the iDJ3.

5. Curtain Call


If your loved one is a guitar hero pickup the cheap and handy iRig. Your guitar hero can jam anywhere using the iRig and it plugs in between your guitar and iDevice. It requires no extra power and works well with garage band.

All of this audio hotness and more can be found on my gift guide on Pinterest.

Please share which audio devices you think make great gifts in the comments.

I’m Will Mapp, thanks for listening and you’ve been synced.