theSync LIVE!: What are Exponential Organizations and How Can You Build One?

On the radio show last week, we talked about ExOs and shared how small business owners could use some of the same tactics and strategies to build up their businesses.  ExOs are a new breed of company that owns very little in terms of material, manpower, and facilities, but can quickly gain marketshare and scale up their services to a large amount of consumers using Big Data, social networking, augmented workforces, and mobile.

Household ExOs you’ve heard of are Uber, Lyft, Nest, and AirBNB.

Herlen, myself, and newcomer Rodney discussed the ExO phenomenon at length, took some of your calls, and outright dissed Uber.

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Tune in this Sunday night for another session of theSync LIVE!

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theSync: The Shake Up About to Happen in the World of Payments

Happy New Year!

I’ve been away from the blog these past couple of weeks but I’m back.  And I’ll be posting here on the new  All of my posts and content will be moving over from but it’s going to take a moment.  Please bare with me as I get my act together over here.

If you’re a business owner you want to make the payment phase of your sales transactions to be very smooth.  In the 21st century many people are opting to use plastic instead of cash.  In 2015 we are seeing the beginnings of a major shakeup in the way consumers will be able to pay for your products and services.  This week, the first edition of theSync on, a prelude to the shake up that’s about to happen with payments.