theSync LIVE: Using Crowdsourced Financing for Your Next Big Idea

I apologize, up front, for the long hiatus. Between new project starts, new camp starts, and new broken-down-car starts it’s been busy.

Herlen Bess, Maxime Paul, and Enrica Jang

Herlen Bess, Maxime Paul, and Enrica Jang

Last month, we had one of our very best live shows on WEAA. In the studio and on the phone, we invited some great people to share Baltimore’s entrepreneurial radio waves. Red Stylo Media’s Enrica Jang and E2IS’s Maxime Paul joined us in the studio, and on the phone we had DrinkMATE’s Shaun Masavage and mBientLab’s Laura Kassovic. The topic: raising money using crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Enrica, Maxima, Laura, and Shaun shared their fund raising experiences, both good and bad, and also illustrated some of the execution trials they went through.

If you thought about raising money from the crowd, this show is a must listen.

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