2018 Annual Gift Guide

It’s December, and it’s time for another Annual Gift Guide.

I'm such a child.

I’m such a child.

This year, Mark Starling and the crew at First News 570 asked me to share it on the air for iHeartRadio listeners. It’s 2018, and we featured not one, but two, women’s power tools for the list. You can always listen LIVE each Thursday at 6:43am. These are small sample of this year’s gift ideas. For more ideas, check out my Pinterest list.

theSync: The 2014 Annual Gift Guide

Hi there readers and listeners.

If it’s November, it’s time for the Annual Gift Guide.

This year’s guide has some new inclusions, some old, and all make great gifts.

We’ll be pinning the devices and gadgets on Pinterest. Follow the board and stay tuned as more items get added to the guide.

theSync: Serious Savings for Your Sartorialness

I normally don’t cover the sartorial spin of products, but when I have a chance to satisfy my clothes horse and tech tendencies simultaneously I have to jump on it.

This week on theSync, bargain basement bespoke tailoring for the successful man

Before kids and starting my most recent venture, I was quite the fan of bespoke tailoring. There’s nothing like having a suit that fits your body. Clothes that snug your backside exactly helps you feel more confident taking on the world with renewed vigor I’ve had suits and shirts made by the foreign produced, journeymen tailors, Raja Fashions, and was none concerned. Raja’s tailors travel to a number of cities year round, measuring all of your body’s nooks and crannies to get the best fit.

Sending in measurements to a tailor in the cloud is another matter altogether. iTailor.com is an online service promising to make tailor made clothing at the very best prices. I’ve been beating around their bushes since last fall after losing a lot of weight. I’ve been wanting some really nice shirts and first happened on their site. I took the plunge 4 weeks ago, and I have to admit. I’m very impressed. I took the low risk option and ordered a shirt made with their cheapest white cotton material.

iTailor uses an Adobe Flash powered online application that gives you a decently rendered shirt model to view your options. iTailor gives you all of the usual customization options: collar, cuffs, tail styles and number of buttons, but they go further. Shoulder epauletts, sunglass pockets, and accent fabrics are also available. Plus more. I decided to go all out on my first go ‘round. I chose a red button hole stitching for contrast, added the sunglass pocket, and secondary fabric on the outside and inside plackets. I also chose and unabashedly flamboyant collar style.

The Shirt Rendering Makes Design Fun

The Shirt Rendering Makes Design Fun

The result. A perfectly tailored shirt that feels great. (Perfectly tailored according to the measurements we sent it. Admittedly, I did pad the numbers upwards in case we were measuring properly) My wife measured me, guided by their handy online videos demonstrating how to measure your chest, stomach, and arms. I can’t complain, the fit is great.


There were some nit picky things. The cheap fabric is…cheap. I had no idea what a sunglass pocket was before ordering this shirt, and I like how it looks on the outside, but the extra fabric on the inside of the shirt is noticeable. But that’s on me. Other than that, for $29 before shipping, I can’t complain.

From inspection, my shirt was made in Thailand and was claimed to be hand made. Since I own some bespoke shirts currently, I think it is handmade comparing the internals of the seams.

Will I order another shirt from iTailor. Yup. I’ll definitely try one of their designer fabrics next time. Bold stripes, patterns, and colors are my thing and I’ll be rocking those next time. It doesn’t look like they have as broad a fabric and pattern choice as a Raja, but you also aren’t paying Raja money.

iTailor is currently holding a huge sale on their shirts and you can check them out at iTailor.com.

If there are other online tailoring sites you love please let us know in the comments.

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theSync: The 5 (6) Best Point and Shoot Cameras to Buy for Christmas

Christmas is now 36 days away.

Last week, I shared with you the top 5 phones to get your loved on on Christmas day.

This week, it’s the top 5 point and shooters for your snap happy loved one.

1. The Lumix Series is Always a Good Buy


You can’t go wrong with cameras from Panasonic. Pansonic cameras are built well, look good, and sometimes ship with Leica lenses. Furthermore, Leica’s digital cameras use Panasonic electronics. This year pick up the Lumix DMC-LX7. The LX7 has a 10 megapixel sensor, full high def, and a lens that stops down to f/1.4. That’s right baby, a very fast lens for this category of camera. For some, the zoom is low at a max of 6.7x, but its super fast lens makes up for that shortcoming.

2. The Guys That Made the 4th Color Layer Strike Again


For the prosumer shooter in your life, the Fuji x100 is the professionals choice for compact camera. The x100 sports 12.3 megapixels with a default lens stopped down to f/2 in a beautifully classic design. Fuji were the guys that came up with the fourth color layer in imaging and you won’t go wrong with this camera.

3. Canon Gets Social


When you get right down to it, we all know that it’s really a Nikon and Canon camera show. We already know that Canon has better glass and Nikon has better bodies. So let’s start with Canon.

I think Point and Shooter/Social Media combos are hokey, but this year I’m including one of Canon’s Powershot cameras, the N Facebook. This cameras has an 8x, 12 megapixel sensor, and a fake macro feature. The glass in this camera is so sharp that it can focus down to one half inch.

4. Nothing Says Loving Like a Nikon

Nikon Coolpix S31 white_back-580-90

Now on to Nikon, of which I’ll be providing you with 2. I’m a Nikon man through and through, plus it’s my show. The best cheap, cheap point and shooter you can buy is the Nikon Coolpix S31. At $100, this camera is hard to beat with a 3x zoom and 10 megapixel sensor. This camera makes a perfect first shooter for a child because it’s also waterproof to 35 feet.


My second Nikon camera is the Coolpix P7800, this is Nikon competitor to Canon’s G-series of cameras which I am a fan of. The P7800 has a 12 megapixel image sensor, a 6 to 42 mm zoom, and a lens stopped down to f/2.0.

5. Breathe in the Rarefied Air


This list wouldn’t be complete without a real shooter’s camera. This year, breathe in the rarefied air and get your loved one the Leica X2. The Leica X2 is a fully manual provisioned, 16 megapixel, f/2.8 lensed, monster. This camera brings sexy back digitally with an old school design including knobs on top. You can’t go wrong with this camera, but just make sure you have money left over for the mortgage.

All of these cameras and more can be found on my gift guide an Pinterest.

Please share the cameras you think make great gifts with us in the comments.

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theSync: Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Baby Mama

In about two weeks, it will be Mother’s Day. Last week I suggested 5 gadgets that sure to please your mom. This week on theSync, 5 gadget gifts to please the mother of your children.

1. An iPad Mini

ipadminiI DID NOT recommend getting your mom the Mini and instead suggested the Nook and Kindle HD.  The cool kids still carry iPads and if you didn’t get your baby mama one for Christmas, now’s the time to get her some electronic hotness.  If you’re anti-Apple, the Nexus 7 is a sleek and well built device that she will enjoy.


2. An iPhone Lens Kit

You will not believe the number of iPhoneographers out there and if your special lady is a smartphone shutterbug, a lens kit may test-product-page-2933_600.0000001340999139be just the thing to push her creative talents to the next level.  Lens kits ship with a mounting case to give your smartphone optical zoom. Some kits even have fisheye and luma effects.  And there are affordable gifts.  Check out this hotness from Photojojo.


3. An Electric Corkscrew

Peugeot-Elis-Rechargeable-Electric-Corkscrew-MC-GadgetGuru-medium-newAll the friends in my circle have kids now, and the one thing their wives have in common is wine.  Filtering out the ‘waaaa’ and shuttling kids to three different camps in a Saturday will drive anyone to drinking.  Some days you just can’t get the cork out fast enough and an electric corkscrew will help her unstopper the mommy juice quicker.





4. Storage

As much as we luv’em our smartphone cameras sometimes can’t get the job done.  Many moms carry a number of different sdcardcameras and sometimes the point and shoot just makes sense.  SD Cards are cheap. Get your sweetheart 10 of them so she can have some in the purse, 1 in the wallet, and a couple in her junk drawer.


5. A Nike+Sport Band

Admittedly, I’ve never included accessories like this on my gift blogs, but you overhear lots of talk while hanging out with child Nike-Plus-SportBand-MC-GadgetGuru-fbladen couples.  Everyone is trying to lose weight no matter how thin they are.  The Nike+Sport Band may be the gift to encourage her to go the extra mile.  And then go to sleep.

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