2018 Annual Gift Guide

It’s December, and it’s time for another Annual Gift Guide.

I'm such a child.

I’m such a child.

This year, Mark Starling and the crew at First News 570 asked me to share it on the air for iHeartRadio listeners. It’s 2018, and we featured not one, but two, women’s power tools for the list. You can always listen LIVE each Thursday at 6:43am. These are small sample of this year’s gift ideas. For more ideas, check out my Pinterest list.

5 Last Minute Gadget Gifts for Christmas – 2016 Edition

It’s been a while since I last came up with a Top 5 list for gadgets to give at Christmas, but Mark Starling at First News 570 challenged me last week with selecting a single “it” gift to give for this Christmas. Well, it’s 4 days until Christmas, and today I’m sharing with you 5 last minute gadget gifts you can run out and pick up today.

1. Philips Hue

A little mood lighting and music will be the perfect gift to get your favorite elf in the mood.

A little mood lighting and music will be the perfect gift to get your favorite elf in the mood.

Right now, you can head out to your local Home Depot and pick up the Philips Hue. Hue is a lighting kit that is app and remote controlled. Using Hue, you can dim and brighten your lights, change the ‘hue’, and color depth up to 16.7 million colors with the flick of your thumb on your Android or iOS device. The lighting system includes bulbs that pair with a controller or stand alone single light units adjustable with a small remote. I bought Hue for one of my cousins a few years ago and its easy to be mesmerized by the light. Pair Hue with the Amazon Dot and you have the perfect setup for getting your favorite elf in the mood this Christmas Eve. The starter kit is relatively inexpensive at $179 and can be picked up at Home Depot or other supply stores.

theSync: Happy Memorial Day

I’m not going to take a lot of your time today.

But I want to give a shout out to all veterans and soldiers serving abroad.

My father is an Army vet, specializing in communications technology. He was about to go to Grenada during one of those unheard of missions.

My grandfather served in the Army Air Corps as an aircraft mechanic during World War II. William Lee Mapp, Sr. taught me everything I know about rigging up stuff.

Remember, that Memorial Day isn’t about barbecues and beer. It’s about recognizing and thanking those that give their lives so that we can make podcasts about the latest and greatest tech in the greatest country in the world.

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks for listening, and reading; you’ve been synced.