theSync: 5 Fantastic Phablets That Won’t Fit in Your Pocket

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t like phablets, but there are lots of people that like them. Phablets are mostly an Android phenomenon, but with rumors circulating that Apple’s iPhone 6 will be a larger than normal sized device it’s high time that we covered this on theSync.

This week, 5 Fantastic Phablets That Won’t Fit in Your Pocket.

1. Nokia 1520

Y’all know I like Windows Phone, and the Nokia 1520 is no exception. The 1520 can only fit securely in your back jeans pocket but has a rigidly firm body and like all Nokia’s the best camera in the category. I’ve had a chance to play with this device, and its size is off putting, but you won’t go wrong with it.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note

I can’t verify this, but I think Sammy started this whole oversized phone/tablet craze. The Galaxy Note can have phone sex with all other Samsung devices, comes with a stylus in some configurations, and have whole lines of leather pouches, cases, and accessories designed to fit it.

3. HTC One Max

If you’re looking for super size and don’t want to go with a Finnish made device, then pick up the HTC One Max. This device is way too big to be used as a phone, and you’ll look ludicrous standing in the Metro Station holding it against your ear. But, you’ll get HTC’s Sense, beautifully engineered craftsmanship, and bragging rights.

4. LG G2

LG has come a long way in the quality department. The G2 is better made than some of LG’s older devices and of course includes one of their beautiful screens. The G2 doesn’t feel as unwieldy as other big Android devices, but it will fit in a standard chino jeans pocket.

5. Samsung Galaxy Mega

Unfortunately, I’ve never held the Mega, so I can’t comment on its build quality, but it’s made by Samsung so it can’t be too far behind the GS and Note. I seriously can’t comprehend why anyone would want a 6.3 inch phone screen, but if it floats your boat. So be it.

Seriously, I’ve come under the impression that most Android users have bad eye sight. That’s the only reason why these super large phones are in high demand. We’ve spent decade miniaturizing electronics only to flush all that hard work down the toilet.

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theSync: The Moto G, a Pleasantly Powerful Android Phone for Everyone

‘ve spent megabytes talking about and reviewing flagship phones. But there are plenty of inexpensive devices that are worthwhile. We’ve been working on some tablet based Android projects lately and we needed to adapt these applications for smart phones as well. All this time, we’ve been testing our software on Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 devices thinking that the tablet would be the default platform. Our customer informed us that we will need to build our app for phone as well so I needed to pick up a cheap device.

Now, all of y’all know I’m not a Android OS phone fan. I’ve written at length about it here. I wanted to get the HTC One or Moto X, but my CFO declined my request. So I hiked up my britches and discovered the Moto G sitting on a shelf at Verizon.

This week on theSync, we talk about on those devices the Moto G.

The Moto G is the attractive but chubbier cousin to the Moto X. It’s screen is slightly smaller with a larger pixel density than the X which gives the G the illusion of having a finer screen. Also, the screen isn’t AMOLED, but regular old LCD which makes a little cheaper.

You can plainly see the more svelte Moto X on the left vs. the Moto G on the right.  Their both beautiful though.

You can plainly see the more svelte Moto X on the left vs. the Moto G on the right. Their both beautiful though.

Its camera is decent, but not the whopping 10 MP shooter its cousin possesses. The Moto G makes up for its lack of camera by giving the user a quad core processor.

With 8 gigabytes of storage and clocking in at $99 retail before a prepaid plan, the Moto G is a true value proposition. For people that think 8 gigabytes of space is enough, the Moto G is half the price of the Moto X off contract with power and capability that delivers.

I’d love to know what other cheap Android phones are worthwhile.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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theSync: The 5 Best Smartphones for Christmas

Guess what?!

Christmas is less than 45 days away.

And if you’re like me I ain’t trying to think about Christmas, but I’m forced to. I was at Tyson’s Corner last weekend and the trees, songs, and tights are already out.

This week on theSync, the 5 Very Best Smartphones to Give as Gifts for Christmas

The Coolest and Cleverest Smartphone on the Market

Seriously, I'd love to have a Moto X.

Seriously, I’d love to have a Moto X.

The Moto X is easily the coolest and most clever smartphone on the market. The fully customizable Moto X tops this year’s smartphone Christmas list. It’s fresh and packs the power, personality, and panache to make a great gift. Head on over to and pick out the gift that personally greets your loved one when the power button is pressed.

Putting the ‘Smart’ in Smartphone

I'd also take a Lumia 1020.  The camera is unbeatable.

I’d also take a Lumia 1020. The camera is unbeatable.

Between the Windows Phone operating system and the best smartphone shooter around, the Nokia Lumia 1020 puts the word smart in smartphone. The lumia 1020 is a powerful device with excellent imaging and video processing in a colorful package. It’s Snapdragon Processor, 41 megapixel camera, and Windows Phone operating system make the Lumia 1020 the best overall smartphone you can buy right now. I kid you not. Use the device for yourself.

Classy, Powerful, Elegant

I wish I could get the 5S, but I'm saving my upgrade slot for the i6.

I wish I could get the 5S, but I’m saving my upgrade slot for the i6.

Coming up in the middle is the iPhone 5S. The graceful 5S has the highest power rating of any smartphone on this list and has the most attractive design. When your loved one unwraps the drool worthy iBling on Christmas morning you’re sure to receive an extra special gift once the family leaves for the evening.

Cheap, but Cool

We all know that only iPhone users are cool.

We all know that only iPhone users are cool.

The government shutdown affected many people. With rebates you can gift the best cheap phone you can buy with the iPhone 5C. The 5C is cute, cool, and cheap, (Did I say that it’s cheap?) and gets your loved one in the cool school of smartphones. What? A cheap iPhone? Yes, at Radio Shack you can get the iPhone 5C for $49, and probably free if you buy three packs of batteries.

Insanely Large, Insanely Priced

The insanely large Note 3.

The insanely large Note 3.

Bringing up the rear is Sammy’s latest, the Note 3. It seems that there is a big enough market for people wanting to stretch out their pant’s pockets and Samsung won’t disappoint these folks with their miniature television set. If your loved one has poor eyesight, writes proposals on their phone, or just has to carry around a mini-TV, then the Quad-Core Exynos Octa powered Note 3 will brighten your nights and fry your retinas.

All of these smartphones and more can be found on my Pinterest gift guide.

Please share with us the phones you think will make great gifts in the comments.

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