theSync: 5 Tips to Make Your Business More Mobile Friendly

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Android and iOS features, but some of you asked last week, how I can make my business more mobile merchant friendly.

This week on theSync, 5 quick tips to help you make your business mobile friendly.

1. Make Paying for Your Products Easier

Google likes to make a lot of noise about Android phones having NFC. If you have a brick mortar you can help Android users pay with their phones by buying an NFC payment kiosk. For iPhone and Windows users you can adopt a QR-pay system by purchasing a cash register
imager, but you’ll need to implement a custom app to make this work like Starbucks does.

2. Appify

It’s true, it’s true. We always want to be in our customers consciousness, and one way to do this is by building an app that showcases your products, but more importantly to keep your customers in the know of special deals and sales. You can be really effective by sending strategically timed push notifications through your app.

3. Implement Passbook

Yes, seriously think about implementing it. Passbook is an iPhone app that helps you deliver coupons, deals, and itineraries to customers. You don’t need a custom app to implement passbook and you can do it all with a website. Seeing as how most small businesses have a website an additional means of sending deals seems like a good idea.

4. Implement Google Wallet

Google’s converse app is Google wallet. If you’re in a religious fued against iOS Google Wallet makes sense. Wallet relies on the NFC chip in specific phones and you will need more expensive hardware.

5. Build a Mobile Responsive Website

There are still a ton of websites on the internet that just aren’t suitable for viewing on mobile devices. I made this the last tip, but you should really start here. With smartphones making up 57% of Internet usage making a great first impression goes a long way.

I’d love to hear about how you’re making your business more mobile friendly. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for listening, and reading, you’ve been synced.