Millennials Tap for Sex on Valentine’s Day, Russia Unplugs, and Opportunity is Lost


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

We kick things off on this morning’s edition of First News on 570 with Russia unplugging from the Internet and a new device designed to help millennials further dull their communications skills.

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Russia is considering the possibility of unplugging itself from the Interwebs. That’s right. The Russian government is thinking about performing a nationwide test in which the country will be disconnected from the greater Internet. This means messages and traffic can only be passed internal to the country. The test is to insure that ISPs can function in case a hostile government (not the US) were to perform cyberwarfare against the nation. The test is scheduled to take place on April 1st, hahaha, with no duration time period.

This story is what I live for. I was going to talk about a ridiculous bed Ford wants to make to keep bed hoggers on their side, but instead I’m going to talk about another way millennials suck. Millennials continue to ruin many social norms, and their latest fail includes conversations around sex. It’s known that millennials have less sex overall than their generational forebears and one reason why is because they don’t know how to communicate. Well, enter, LoveSync, a button that allows partners to tell each other their interested in having sex without telling their partners their interested in having sex. Basically works in pairs. Two buttons are synced together and if you press your and your partner does you can have sex. There’s also a 4 second cancel option if you change your mind. Meanwhile, my wife and I have a simple voice activated system that doesn’t need battery power. Unless, we need battery power.
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The Mars rover, Opportunity, sent its last signal this last Tuesday night. The Mars rover was roaming the planet for over 15 years before it just simply stopped transmitting. In the spirit of saying goodbye to a long lost friend, the NASA ground crew on Earth transmitted the Billie Holliday song, “I’ll Be Seeing You” to the rover via the Deep Space Network. The scientists here waited to hear a response from Opportunity but only silence was returned. Opportunity outlasted its partner, another rover, Spirit for another 9 years. But alas, Mars is harsh environment, and this rover lasted longer than we expected.
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