Sophia the Robot Wants Baby, Tumblr’s Weak AI, and Facebook is ‘Dust’


This morning was the AI show on this week’s tech tag up on First News 570 with Mark Starling. We’re getting closer to Christmas and so far, the only thing I’ve gotten is a pair of fancy drawls for my wife. We talk about AI, my lack of ordering online, and regifting this week on First News 570. You can always listen LIVE on Thursdays at 6:43 am.

Last year, we reported about Sophia the Robot. Sophia is the world’s first robotic citizen. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has granted her full citizenship with all rights and duties. What we didn’t report on after the breaking news, was that Sophia the Robot wants a baby. We decided to start this week’s tech tag up with this story, because it’s laced with AI. I don’t know how or why Sophia’s neural networks want the baby, but here we are. In related news, the robot creator also wants to make a baby with his bot!
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It’s been a not so secret that if you wanted to peruse indie adult, sexual content, the social network to peruse was Tumblr. Facing a ban from the Apple App Store and increased scrutiny from anyone who wasn’t using Tumblr, the social network, Tumblr decided to ban all sexual content from its platform. They’re enforcing the ban, pretty poorly, using AI algorithms. The algorithms aren’t working properly in that they are banning anime clips, images featuring people of color, and some of Tumblr’s own content. It just goes to show, human moderators are still better than the machines they are being replaced with.
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Yann LeCun, founder and top AI researcher of Facebook has reportedly said the company would be dust without artificial intelligence. AI technology is now being used in Facebook posts, language translation, and ad placement. Facebook has been using AI since 2013 and LeCun has said that the social network couldn’t function today without it, since it is virtually everywhere. So maybe, just maybe, Facebook isn’t listening, maybe their machine algorithms are just that good.
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