Still Riding the High from Blerdcon


It’s Monday morning and I’m still riding high from the Inaugural weekend of Blerdcon, a first of its kind, exclusively inclusive convention for the Blerd in all of us. Even though Blerdcon is a convention produced by and for people of color, everyone of all walks of life, ethnicities, persuasions, and characters were there for three fun filled and action packed days of nerdom.

I can’t say enough good things about how Hilton George and the Blerdcon team welcomed us and helped us get setup with prime real estate in the sponsor gallery. I am proud to say that Studio Codeworks is Founding Sponsor of Blerdcon 2017 and we will always be a friend.


It was a first for us also, in that we announced 3 of our first games and debuted one on the opening day of the convention. BlueBalls, our first released game in the Microsoft Store and Google Play Store was released on opening day and available for download, and through out the weekend the Cupcake Diva held court for much of the cosplay royalty as we gave convention goers a sneak peek at the Diva’s upcoming game, Dib Dibs to be released in August.

Coming soon to a mobile device near you.

Coming soon to a mobile device near you.


image3Blerdcon was packed with programming with panels and workshops led by extremely talented and seasoned artists, cosplayers, and technicians. My teammates and I alternated between our booth and the panels and at times it was hard to choose which one to attend. The organizers had workshops scheduled from early morning to midnight and they were all well attended and themed for the convention audience. The Fictional Storytelling: Heroes and Villains and Film Making from Concept to Completion were very apt for me, because we our company is quickly moving in a direction of producing original content. There was also plenty of adult programming including panels on Kink, sexuality in comics, Hentai, and making safe spaces were women gamers and cosplayers.

Everyone wants to touch the Diva's Dib Dibs.

Everyone wants to touch the Diva’s Dib Dibs.

It's true. I have a crush on Rose Quartz.

It’s true. I have a crush on Rose Quartz.


Another great aspect of Blerdcon was its size, scope, and depth. Everything was held in the Crystal City Hyatt with sponsors, panels, and video games on the bottom floor, and the exhibitor and vendor alley on the middle floor which kept people in motion and giving conventioneers people to meet and see all the time. It also provided a sense of connection with everyone. The big Cons in New York and San Diego are packed to the gills making it hard to move as well as see what you want to see. Blerdcon gave everyone who wanted it, and opportunity to connect. You could talk to people without yelling, you could play a game if you wanted to, you might have to stand, but you could actually attend the panel or workshop you wanted to without breaking fire code.

Conventioneers got a chance to play games that haven't come out yet.

Conventioneers got a chance to play games that haven’t come out yet.


We’re going to make Blerdcon one of our big events. We plan to continue sponsoring the event, and use it as a venue to announce new products and media we produce. We are all exhausted but can’t wait until next year.

We will definitely be back.

We will definitely be back.

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