theSync: 5 Giftable Smartphones You Can Give for Christmas

A new smartphone always makes a great gift.  Now that Christmas is less than two weeks away a new smartphone might be one of the few electronics gifts you can get at the last minute.  This week on theSync, 5 gift phones you can give this year.

1. Samsung Note 4

Yep, you read that right.  I’m leading off this list with an Android device.  Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is the best Android phone you can buy right now.  It has a 5.7 inch AMOLED display, a 16 MP shooter, and a 2.7 gHz quad core processor.  It’s probably Samsung’s highest quality phone.  It’s sturdy, great looking, and even supports a stylus for those of you who are touch challenged.  If you like big ass screens and Android, you can’t beat the Note 4.

2. HTC One M8

The second most beautifully made smartphone on the market is a device from HTC.  It has a big screen, but smaller than the Note 4 at 5 inches, and runs HTC’s Sense flavor of Android.  HTC’s camera claims to rival that from Nokia.  It’s mum on the details for it, but a device with an f/2.0 aperture lens is hard to pass up.  The One has Beats Audio which makes a win for any phonophile.

3. LG G3

It’s taken a while for Korea’s other major manufacturer to build a phone that people will want to buy, but when it finally arrived in the G3 they’re giving Samsung a run for their money.  LG’s G3 smartphone is the device that’s a little less than the Note 4 in every way.  It’s 5.5 inch screen is a little less than the Note’s 5.7 inch one.  It’s quad-core Snapdragon processor clocks in at 2.5 gHz which is a little less than the Note 4’s 2.7.  And it’s 13 MP camera is yet again, a little less than the Note 4’s 16 MP shooter.  If you want an Android phone, but don’t want the bling of HTC or want to be anti-Sammy, get the G3.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5S

You might think it’s strange for me to lump these two together, but they have more in common than you think.  Both phones are former flagship devices living out the waning days of their lives in the shadow of their newer cousins.  Both devices run the latest and greatest operating systems and apps in their class extremely well. Both devices will be obsoleted in a matter of months.  And, both devices can be bought for $100.  If you want to cheap out on getting a phone for someone, get one of these devices.

5. The iPhone 6

Yes, the best all around phone you can buy completes this list.  If you’re seriously questioning how the iPhone 6 is the best phone after knowing that it’s 64-bit processor outperforms the same apps running on the latest Android phones, or the fact that app experiences are just better on the platform, or the fact that all users aged 3 to 93 can just pick up the device and use it, you’re lying to yourself or tripping on Substance D.

These are my 5 picks for the most giftable smartphones you can buy this year.  Please share your picks in the comments.  Remember to subscribe to theSync using iTunes or download my app from the Google Play store.

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