theSync: 5 Places to Visit on Black Friday

If you’re like me you may have done the Black Friday thing once or twice, but quickly turned off by the early cold morning, the bait and switch tactics, only 5 deals in-store, and last night’s blinding tryptophan hang over. So this week on theSync, I’m sharing 5 online alternatives you should check out during this week’s Black Friday insanity.

1. The Usual Suspects

It’s fine to check out Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. Best Buy is offering deep discounts this week on machines and TVs, Wal-Mart has plenty of top-shelf Emerson for you to peruse online, and Amazon is price-matching everybody. Midnight, Turkey Day, I’d check these guys out for some fire sales.

2. B&H Photo & Video

Known far and wide as the photographer’s Mecca, the B&H Superstore near Herald Square every photog’s Toys R’ US. Having diversified their offerings since the proliferation of digital, B&H has some of the most outrageously inexpensive priced gear on a regular day. Expect deep discounts on cameras and make sure you’re paying attention to the timed sales at the top of their website. Just look at the place you’ll normally see a banner ad. There might be a deal there. B&H is famous for selling new, used, and gray market gear. There are deals to be had.

3. KEH

Even though today’s smartphone cameras are on par with today’s point-n-shoots, the PnS still wins out because it has optical zoom. If a new DSLR or mini-shooter is on someone’s wish list this holiday season, run don’t walk your browser to Back in the day, the cheapest path to getting a good used camera is to visit your local pawn shop. Hey, I got my first real camera that way. KEH is the online pawn shop for cameras. They are already advertising holiday markdowns so head on over and pick up a camera for that special someone.

4. Utrect

One of Santa’s hits these last few years is the fully loaded art kit. Utrect is already discounting paints and other materials by 15%. Look for deeper discount this Black Friday when you buy full art kits, brushes, charcoal, and canvas. If your budding artist is running low on supplies or their skill has exceeded their current kit, head over to Utrect and pick up some new art stuff.

5. JetPens

A nice pen always makes a fine corporate gift, and we’re not talking about the ones with your business name and address on it. Jet Pens specializes in new and unique writing implements from Japan. You can get great metallic, carbon fiber, and wooden pens from 20 bucks on up to several hundred dollars. They even have a lot of snazzy accessories for pens your giftee will appreciate. Before heading to Brookstone and picking up a key ring finder, think about the statement a nice pen makes.

Just because you’re not fighting through a line this Friday, doesn’t mean you can sit around in your drawers and poke around online. Be careful and watch your back. When you make purchases online, always make sure the site is secure and make sure your gifts will arrive ahead of the holiday. Also, many of these businesses are offering timed fired sales that will end before you know it.

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