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So, a few weeks ago I was pulled up about only talking about iOS and Android apps. After the Windows Phone show, I received requests to talk specifically about developing apps for Windows Phone. Admittedly, we’ve developed Windows Mobile and Windows CE apps for years, but we are only now getting involved with WinPho apps.

This week on theSync, getting setup and developing apps for Windows Phone.

1. You Need a Windows 8 Machine

First, in order to build the latest apps you need a Windows 8 machine. There’s no debating this. The latest FREE development tools require Microsoft’s latest OS running on 64-bit hardware.

2. Signup and Become a Windows Developer

Now that you have a Win8 machine signup for a development acct. You’ll need the account to test your software on a Windows Phone device. Right now, the fee is only $19. There really is no excuse if you’re determined be a WinPho developer.

3. Download the SDK and Tools

After getting your account activated and picked up a Win8 machine download the SDK tools from Microsoft. Microsoft will give you everything you need to get started including Visual Studio 2012 Express, a Windows Phone emulator, and tools for debugging. If you have a phone, now is a good time to register your device using the Device Registration tool.

4. Build Your First App

Get your feet wet by building the included Hello World template and running the app in the emulator. You’ll get a feel for interacting with the world’s best IDE, Visual Studio and seeing how XAML applications are created.

5. Focus on Delivering Content and not Presentation

Learn yourself some XAML and focus on UX/UX/UX. WinPho’s Metro UI is ultra-slimmed down with a supreme focus on content. Change your mindset from the land of buttons and UI widgets into a realm of content presentation and experience. In my opinion, Microsoft has always been the most developer friendly toolset and platform company. Creating XAML-based applications is a different experience from the code-for-your-life-Charlie-Brown experiences we’re used to, but helps create unique apps quickly and reliably.

I’d love to hear your experiences with developing apps for Windows Phone, let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and listening.

You’ve been synced.

Over the weekend, the world lost one of the smartest and nicest people on the planet. I’m dedicating this week’s episode of theSync to my friend Ed Tignor. Rest in Peace buddy we will miss you.

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