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It is Episode 52 which means that we’ve been producing theSync for a year. First, I want to thank each and everyone of you that have subscribed to our RSS feed, and have subscribed to theSync in iTunes. Throughout the year, you guys have made us a Top 500 in Business podcast on podomatic. I didn’t think I’d be in the Top 1 Million!

Thank you!

Here are some big events that have happened in the past year, just off the top of my head.

Apple released 3 iPads in the same year, the iPad3, iPad3-enhanced, and the iPad Mini. I bought my iPad3 in the Spring thinking all I had to do was keep it scratch and ding free until next year when Apple releases another iPad3 with an upgraded processor. It wasn’t enough for me to pull the trigger, but I did get the misses a brand spanking new iPad Mini for Christmas. I have to admit, the device just feels right in your hand. I like the form factor more than the Nexus 7 and it feels better.

Android finally surpasses Apple in smartphone market share. Android cracks the 39.7% barrier becoming the leading smartphone platform in the world. For me, this came as no surprise. Everyone and their grandmother has produced an Android smartphone. I’d wager Apple may have slapped their own UI on top of Android in the confines of Cupertino. We are now revisiting the Mac vs. PC war with an Android vs. PC war.

Courts finally resolve Samsung and Apple’s legal battle resulting in a 400 million dollar settlement. Yeah, I’m not too keen on Apple suing everyone in an IP fight. If they are suing to block other people’s ideas, then they aren’t creating their own.

The coolest thing out of CES was Audi’s autodriving car. This car will get you there, drop you off, and pick your ass up. Why do I think Audi’s car is so cool? Because they stuffed all of the tech in a real car. Not a buggy, or some shell, or a tricked out BMW that’s programmed to run the Top Gear track. A real Audi A7. I can’t have flying cars, but we’re a hair step closer to iRobot.

widgets3D printing gets closer to the mainstream with 500 dollar printers. You may not think so, but I honestly believe 3D printing is a game changer. Whoever rules tech and manufacturing will own the 21st century, and being able to make quick widgets with 3D printers is the next step for building custom products, new tooling, and the final frontier. Years ago, no one imagined high resolution printers at home, or being able to have your own printer in your cube. In all things tech, the components and materials will drop down to near nothing and you too will be printing the parts in your next home improvement project.

The App Store passes 40 billion downloads. Nothing special here either, but it is notable. There is a different culture between Android and iOS users and although there are more devices it’s no surprise that there are more iOS downloads.

The best Free Photo and Video app, Snapperific, was released last June. We hit the top 1000 a couple of times. Easily send great looking pictures to anyone in the world. Check it out.

Samsung releases the Galaxy S3 which is by far the best Android phone on the market. The GS3, is the best Android smart phone on the market no doubt. It has a beautiful screen and solid build quality. It’s been known to make an Apple prospect turn away.  The GS3 is so awesome, I’m geeked to see what Samsung does with the GS4, and I haven’t felt this way about an Android device since the EVO4G.

PCs continue their downward slide continuing the post PC era. We’re definitely in a post-PC era. iDevices out sell Apple’s PCs, and dirt cheap Android tablets make sense for those wanting to get their first computing devices. For many, the killer app is the web browser; and the horsepower, screen sizes, and complexity of PCs are a bit much.

Corning debuts Willow Glass at CES making us all long for our Tony Stark bedrooms. Willow GLass kicks ass. It really does. You hear me complain about glossy buttons and fake surfaces, and thanks to Metro UI and Willow Glass we could finally get to the point in time where we have truly modern interfaces.

The Olympics goes high tech with a super sensitive track and picosecond timers. I’m an Olympics nuts. And last year’s Olympics had a super fast track and new starting blocks accurate to the picosecond.

pebblewatchThis year, Pebble finally releases their Dick Tracy watch. The Pebble, can interface with your smartphone and control the mp3 player controls. You can also treat it as a speaker phone. With an e-ink display, the Pebble is simply awesome.




Microsoft releases Surface with fanfare without the sales. I was really looking forward to Surface. I like Windows 8 and I think Metro is awesome. The devices are well built and should be a great fit for the enterprise crowd with Office and other Windowsey aspects. Long term, I think Surface can outsell Android, especially if the price is right, but at $499, it’s going to be a tough sell.

The Nexus 10 was released with a retina display shattering screen. At 2560×1600 it has more pixels than any other tablet on the market. People will argue about pixel pitch and spacing, but the major numbers are the major numbers.

NASA releases some seriously awesome images from Voyager making me question current day digicam tech. If you aren’t blown away by the digital images thumb200x150_jupiter3transmitted from Voyager, something’s really wrong with you. Yeah the images are scrubbed by NASA super computers, but let’s not forget that this is 1970’s tech. My smartphone camera should be way better in my opinion.

2004_usgov_secgradesThe US still receives a D grade on their IT security report card. Either as misdirection (the likely story) or fact, our government’s IT security posture still sucks. When I’m driving out of town on Rt. 50, the Washington TImes sign will show that some Chinese hacker broke in somewhere or that a DoD server was exploited. Sheesh!

Lastly, my friend and collaborator Mike Foster passed away last year, months after encouraging me to start this journey. Mike listened to my radio show and served as my editor for everything from proposals to editorials. He believed I could make something out of this and so far he’s been right.

Today’s podcast and blog post is dedicated to you my friend.

Tech news happens everyday, let me know what events I’ve missed. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for listening and reading, and you’ve been synced.

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