theSync: My Wishlist for the New GS4

Sammy is releasing a new smartphone this Thursday and it’s the most excited I’ve ever been for an Android device announcement. We’re getting a Samsung device for our Snapperific for Android development and I’m waiting with bated breath to see what Samsung is releasing this March 14th.

The Galaxy SIII is already a good device and I’m sure the S4 is going to be an Android device I’ll want to buy.

1. Performance

The S3 already has a quad core, 1.4 gHz processor. I’d like to see a quad-core, 2.4+ gHz processor and more than 4 GB of RAM. exynos_5This would put the phone in computing territory. You could find computers and laptops that had similar capabilities. You could run some of the Census Bureau’s data processing applications on the device. That sweet 8-core processor Samsung unveiled at CES would be really nice, but I don’t think we’ll see this in Thursday’s device.

2. Screen

flexiblescreenSamsung’s Super AMOLED HD screen is already beautiful. I’d be satisfied with any improvement in the screen’s resolution and brightness.  A flexible screen with a flexible phone would be awesome, but I doubt we’ll see that.




3. Shooter

I’ve been waiting for a smartphone that gives me a 12 MP camera, but I’m not holding out for Samsung to deliver it Thursday. What I would like are cleaner 12-bit CCDs on these devices. Smartphones are getting really close to the awesome factor when it comes to their cameras, an Oscar winning movie was partially filmed on an iPhone. Currently, I think the iPhone5, S3, and Nokia N9 have the best cameras and I’d like to see S4 give the others solid competition.

4. Size

Samsung-Galaxy-S431The pictures I’ve seen show a Samsung phone that was impossibly thin. I hope this comes to pass. I’d like to see the device in a smaller form factor and not some mini- edition. I think the screen is a little big for a daily phone in which the killer app is talking. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Apple has the phone proportions right on this one.


5. Sound

I’m picky about sound, I consider myself a novice audiphile. I don’t think any of the smartphones on the market have sophisticated sound processing. For any music play on my iPhone, I use my own custom written app, AME, to listen to music. I’ve listened with my Beats Studio headphones on other devices and I find them lacking. Other phones out there have been marketing a ‘Beats Audio’ driver on their devices and I’d like to see a true hardware driven sound processor on these devices, and for Samsung to deliver it. Something from Yamaha with 600+ drum kits, a thousand instruments, and 50 voices. That would be nice.

Let me know what you’d like Samsung to release this Thursday in the comments.

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