theSync: Windows 8.1 Fall Tablet Roundup

It’s been a while since we last talked about Windows, and it’s not fair to many syncers out there. From all reports, Windows 8.1 is the bee’s knees in tablet experience and some really great hardware coming from Acer and Lenovo and Windows 8.1 being a true touch experience.

This week on theSync, the Fall Windows 8 Tablet Roundup

Gotta Trust the Remiix


Fresh off a Shinzen Assembly Line is Lenovo’s Miix2. That’s Miix with 2 I’s. The Re-Miix is an eight and a half-inch wide, 1200×800 HD tablet powered by Intel’s Bay Trail Atom Processor. The Miix2 has a 2 megapixel front camera and 5 megapixel rear shooter. I don’t suppose you’ll be a tablet Ansel Adams with the Miix2, but at $300 it’s hard to beat on price.

Iconic Hardware


Intel inadvertently leaked the grand spanking new Iconia W4 from Acer. Acer’s new 8.1 tablet rocks the same chip and camera capes found on the Miix2, and comes standard with 32 GB of storage and includes micro-USB, micro-HDMI, and microSD. It also sports a micro price, starting at $330 this is a nice tablet for a nice price.

Digital Devices for Water Sports


In a deep sea diving capsule near Japan, Fujitsu announced the QH77. A waterproof full-on Windows 8 tablet powered by a core i5 processor. Who knows what new discoveries Jacques Cousteau could have made if he had an Internet capable underwater tablet.

Ohhh Myyyy

And finally, Sharp announced their first Windows 8 tablet in late September with a gorgeous 2560×1600 screen powered by, you guessed it an Intel Bay Trail Atom processor and it’s water resistance. Don’t head out to MicroCenter to pick this baby up yet. Sharp isn’t releasing this device until 2014. So you have time to get your money together.

I have to admit, I like where Microsoft is going with it’s latest installment of Windows and I’m sure we will see more awesomeness when Surface 2 debuts. As long as Microsoft doesn’t sell their own stuff they should be fine.

Let me know what you think about Windows 8.1 in the comments.

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